When we receive your order we cut the product fresh and package it specifically for your order. We then flash freeze the meat to give it a tempered state. It’s neither fully frozen or raw, allowing you to either freeze it or refrigerate it upon arrival.

We ship primarily on FedEx 2 day express. In a styrofoam cooler with ice packs and dry ice inside.

Here at Anderson Reserve, we ship a lot of packages. We mean “A LOT!”  And because of this we get a great discount from all of our shipping partners and rather than keeping the discount to ourselves, we pass it on to you, the customer.

However to make this work we only ship on Monday and Tuesday of every week. This ensures a hassle-free delivery by the end of the week, and amazing shipping rates.

So, Free Economy Shipping Is As Follows

Order Monday, Ship Tuesday, Delivery by Friday

Order Tuesday, Ship Tuesday, Delivery by Friday

Order Wednesday, Ship the Following Monday

Order Thursday, Ship the Following Monday

Order Friday, Ship the Following Monday

Order Saturday, Ship the Following Tuesday

Order Sunday, Ship The Following Tuesday

Need your box of amazing meat sooner? We also offer an Expedited Service for only $59.99 per order. We will cut and package your order as soon as we receive it, and get it on FedEx 2 day express asap!